The Beautederm regular set comes with a papaya soap, four face creams, and one day and night toner.

This is how I use the Beautederm regular set while incorporating my holy grail face products.

Night routine

1. Wash the face using the Beautederm papaya soap. It helps remove the dead skin which has been exfoliated by the day and night toner. It is also infused with vitamin C to help brighten your skin.

2. Wash your face again using a pea size amount of my favorite Human Nature nourishing facial wash to offset the dryness and tightness that you feel after using the papaya soap.

3. Apply the day and night toner. You’ll notice afterwards that the cotton ball would turn brown. These are dead skin that the toner has exfoliated. On the first few times that I used the toner, the cotton ball looked really dark as I had skin layers that needed exfoliating.

4. Use Missha time revolution kit which is the essence and ampoule.

5. Spread across your face a pea-size amount of the night cream 1 which claims to whiten skin and lighten dark marks and spots.

6. Moisturize your face using the night cream 2 which claims to “lock in” moisture and add a dewy, healthy glow.

7. Apply the night cream 3 which is an anti-aging cream to prevent the appearance of wrinkles. Note that the creams should be applied with 5 minutes interval to ensure maximum skin absorption.

Day routine

1. Wash your face with the Beautederm papaya soap and the Human Nature facial wash.

2. Apply the day cream which has SPF 60 and UV protection. For additional sun protection, I also apply the Belo sun expert sunscreen for the face with SPF 40 PA++++.

3. After that, apply the aloe vera gel from Nature Republic as moisturizer.


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