Stressed out and tired from work?

Revitalize your skin and your body as a whole as you indulge in the benefits of collagen with BEAUTéDERM’s Slender Sips K-llagen. It’s the most effortless and perfect way to pamper your body!

How to keep skin glowing and young looking? Beautéderm Slender Sips K-llagen collagen drink is here to save the day. 💓 It has Sodium Hyaluromate which helps restore the skin’s moisture and Sakura Flower extract which is an agent that promotes collagen and repairs the skin’s natural barriers to give you a smooth and supple glow

Want to achieve a healthy body and youthful glow, too?
Slender Sips K-llagen Collagen Drink is here! All these amazing natural ingredients combined into one healthy drink that will surely make your body stronger, more beautéful and will release your glow from within.

🍃Masarap at mahimbing na tulog 😴
🍃Helps reduce appearance of fine line and wrinkles
🍃Can help replenish collagen that naturally breaks down as we age
🍃Collagen Has Been shown to Naturally Firm and Rejuvenate Skin

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