Beautederm Stretch Mark Remover Set [beautequest by beautederm]


  • 1 Ultralite Soap 125g
  • 1 Vitamin C Serum 60ml
  • 1 Collagen Cream 20g
  • 1 Stretchmark Cream 20g
  • 1 Derma Roller


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Improves skin elasticity, making it tighter and firmer

• Visibly reduces the appearance of stretch marks and sagging skin

• Promotes production of collagen

• Reduces uneven skin pigmentation


Using the Derma Roller:

Before proceeding, wash your hands carefully. Use 70% Isopropyl alcohol to sterilize. Wear surgical gloves if possible.

1. Sterilize the Derma Roller with 70% Isopropyl alcohol before using.

2. Apply 2-3 drops of the Vitamin C serum on the target area.

3. Glide derma roller back and forth. Do this 4-5 times in the following directions: a) Horizontally; b) Vertically; and c) Diagonally.

Maintain the same speed and pressure to create more micro vessel reaction.

4. After rolling, apply Vitamin C serum again.

After using the Derma Roller:

Apply only the Vitamin C serum (day and night).

Apply the Vitamin C serum only in the morning. •Apply Collagen cream (day and night).

•Use the Ultralite soap and apply the Stretchmark cream (day and night).


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