Beautederm Wireless Hair Straightener Free [beautequest by beautederm]


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Wireless Hair Straighteners Instructions

1. Press and hold the power button for 2 seconds to turn on.

2. Long press to turn on-the display panel lights are all on, and it will automatically shutdown without entering the temperature

adjust mode for 20 seconds.

3. Four gears: 180-200-220-240.

4. Charging: The red light flashes slowly when charging and the green light is full when charging

5. Low battery reminder: when the battery is above 20% the battery will display a green light and when the battery is below

20% the battery will display a red light.

6. It will automatically shutdown when the battery is lower than 3.3V please charge it the charging time is about 4.5-5.5 hours.

7. Charging voltage: 5V. Chargin current: 1A

8. Working Voltage: 3.7V Power: 18W

Advantage Wireless Hair Straightener/Curling Iron: Breakthrough 5 Innovation Points Hair

1. Power battery 4800mah real power (long use time, fully satisfying the battery life, the capacity of similar products in the

past less than 2500mah and it will be out of power in 10 – 20 minutes which solves to fatal problem.

2. Fast heating speed (using copper-nickel-chromium alloy heating film, heatin speed is fast, can withstand 1000 cycles without

damage, in additional thin steel is use for heat conduction, heatin speed is fast, temperature delay detection is accurate and

the same product aluminum profile is made very thick, heat conduction is slow, the shell has a heat insulation layer to prevent hot hands.

3. Bring your own comb, which is convenient ti clip your hair and comt it in an orderly manner (not available in the industry)

4. Small, hand-feel, texture, easy to carry.

5. There is a decorative cover tube, the appearance is exquisite like lipstick, beautiful and durable.


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